Steerable Introducer
Steerable Introducer
Product Introduction

Fustar™ Steerable Introducer is designed for the percutaneous interventional vascular procedure. It would establish access for device introduction, such as occluders, balloons, vena cava filters, stents, diagnostic and guiding catheters or other devices, fluid or media for diagnosis or intervention.

◇ Outstanding Design

· Unique tip deflection technology: 0-180°

· Combination of delivery sheath and guiding catheter

· Precise catheterization

· Minimize vessel injury by avoiding repetitive catheterization procedures

◇ Convenient for Usage

· Quickly and easily access target using only one device

· Pre-shaped selective catheter + exchange operation + long sheath

◇ Vessel Protection and Surgery Risk Minimization

· Smooth transition between dilator and sheath

· Avoid injury to vessel wall and vascular ostium

· Minimize risk of plaque obstruction during the advancement

◇ Stable Support

· Enhanced proximal segment

· Ensure stable supporting for subsequent operations of device after access is established

◇ Multiple Applications with Only One Sheath

· Suitable for a variety of interventional procedures, including structural heart diseases, peripheral vascular disease, etc.

· Minimize introducer exchanges, time-saving for the procedure